Aerostich Brings Back the Transit Suit

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    Good News for Touring Riders​

    My colleague Brandon Jackson pointed out to me that Aerostich has brought back the Transit suit. This is the Transit 3. The third iteration of the much loved touring and sport-touring suit. Brandon told me Aerostich was forced to stop making the Transit 2 suit a while back because of supply chain issues. Well, they must have got all that sorted out because the Transit 3 suit is here.

    The allure of the Transit suit comes from the fact that it’s a waterproof leather suit that still provides good breathability. It’s strong, durable, and designed to be useful in just about any weather conditions. Aerostich says the suit uses CORIUM+ material that gives the Transit 3 its unique characteristics.

    According to Brandon, the suit is “considered the ultimate multi-season street riding suit” by many people out there. That high level of quality and superior design and materials doesn’t come cheap, though. The jacket costs $987 and the pants cost $897.

    It is important to note that the Transit 3 is actually cheaper than the Transit 2, though. With that in mind, it might finally be time to pull the trigger on the suit. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do a full review on the suit soon enough.

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การสนทนาใน 'Inter News' เริ่มโดย Inter News, 10 กันยายน 2019