Charlie and Ewan Will Use the Harley LiveWire in Long Way Up

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    An Electric Adventure?​

    Charlie Boorman said a while back that he and Ewan McGregor would do another adventure together. This time, the guys will call it Long Way Up and they’ll go from South America to the U.S. As good of news as this is, there are some even more interesting developments with this story. They’ll ride Harley LiveWires.

    According to a report published by Argentina Autoblog, Boorman and McGregor will both ride modified Harley LiveWires during their time filming Long Way Up. The publication reported that four Harley LiveWires arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also, two electric trucks from the company Rivian made their way down there. The trucks will likely be used as support vehicles.

    This is a departure from what many were expecting. The previous adventures taken on by Boorman and McGregor were done on BMW motorcycles. There was speculation that the guys would use Moto Guzzi’s new V85 TT. This fire was fueled by the fact that McGregor is currently helping to promote the V85 TT.

    Despite this, it seems that they’re going electric for the new series, and that could be very interesting. It’s also a big win for Harley-Davidson. It gives the company a fantastic way to market its motorcycle. The LiveWire wasn’t built as an adventure motorcycle, and we assume some modifications will be made to ensure the bike can make the journey.

    As ADV Pulse points out the journey will be hard enough without struggling to find power stations. The publication suggests that the support vehicles will have DC fast-charging stations so that there’s no chance of the guys running out of juice. It’ll be an interesting adventure for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all works out.

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การสนทนาใน 'Inter News' เริ่มโดย Inter News, 9 กันยายน 2019