This Student-Built Electric Motorcycle Looks Awesome

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    Elivasa University in Spain Is Doing it Right​

    The bike you see pictured above was designed and built by 12 engineering and design students at Elivasa university in Spain. The electric enduro motorcycle won some awards and I can see why. The prototype is fully functional. According to RideApart, it took the team nine months to design and build the bike. The students named the bike Eray.

    The electric motor powering the bike is an Ashwood IMP electric motor. The team also fitted a 3,000mA battery pack good for around 13 hp. With only a 50 km (about 31 miles) range the bike won’t be good for any long hauls. However, you can swap out the battery in less than two minutes. The swappable battery was what won the bike top honors at the Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge 2019. The bike won the Best Battery Pack and Best Smart Solution awards.

    The frame of the bike was custom made by the students. RideApart notes the batteries are housed kind of high in the frame. The team used Olle Moto R16V forks at the front of the bike and an Olle Moto custom rear shock for the back wheel. The pegs, handlebars, seat, and bodywork locations came to the bike after the students used motion capture technology to determine the optimal locations.

    In addition to the basics, the bike also gets a unique oval headlight, a seven-inch touchscreen on the dash that’s GPS enabled. The dash also monitors traffic conditions, gradients, battery life, range, and other bike information. The team also engineered in several ride modes and blind-spot detection. This is an interesting bike and many of its ideas and innovations will likely make their way to production models in the future.

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