Shoei Reveals the IT-HT Smart Helmet at CES

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    Innovated Helmet Tech Is Here​

    The You must be registered for see links is a new helmet that Shoei showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show in conjunction with a Japanese automotive technology company called NS West. The unique head-up display (HUD) is the IT-HT’s party trick.

    The HUD shows information like speed and route information. With this technology installed on the helmet, the rider doesn’t have to move his or her head and eyes from the road. A Bluetooth connection allows your smartphone to communicate with the helmet. Shoei and NS West also included a Bluetooth comm device on the helmet.

    Is Shoei Leading the Way?​

    These types of prototype helmets have appeared before. Skully had one at last year’s CES, Jarvish has a HUD helmet, too, and there are multiple aftermarket options out there you can add to your current lid.

    There’s no reason to suggest they won’t be the future of helmet technology. While plenty of other companies are currently working on this kind of tech, Shoei is one of the first major companies to back the technology in a big way.

    With the showcase at this year’s CES, it only makes sense that Shoei would have a production version of the IT-HT HUD helmet soon. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make too much sense to show it off.

    It’s encouraging to see major helmet manufacturers teaming up with unique technology companies like NS West, too. Hopefully, the companies will continue to work together to build superior tech-laden products. The HUD sounds awesome to me. I know it will probably come with a hefty price tag, but I’m really okay with that if it helps me stay safe on the road.

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