Indian Motorcycle Files Trademark for ‘Indian Renegade’

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    Another Future Indian?​

    Indian Motorcycle has been on a trademark tear lately. Not too long ago we reported on the fact that it moved to trademark You must be registered for see links. Now it seems the company has another name it wants to use at some point: Renegade.

    According to You must be registered for see links, the company filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use on “motorcycles and structural parts therefor.” That sounds like fancy language to use to say, “We’re building a new motorcycle called the Renegade.”

    The name Renegade would fit the brand’s ethos, and I could see it working on a bike from the company. There’s no indication whatsoever as to details of the bike. That said, the name Renegade seems to me to fit on a cruiser of some kind. I think a bobber would be seriously cool, but Indian already has the Scout Bobber, so probably not. suggests a streetfighter. That could be cool, but if Indian isn’t going to go with a cruiser, I’d like to see the company make a scrambler. Scramblers are hot right now. Some people dislike them, but I think it would make a logical addition to Indian’s lineup.

    A Popular Moniker​

    The word Renegade has been used on other vehicles in the past. Jeep’s using it right now on its smallest model. By trademarking the words Indian and Renegade together, the company gets around any conflicts.

    Also, having both words together is a clear indication that it will likely be a standalone model as opposed to a trim level or a package on an existing bike. I don’t know what kind of bike it will be, but I’d be willing to bet we can expect good things from Indian in the future.

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การสนทนาใน 'Inter News' เริ่มโดย Inter News, 9 มกราคม 2019